Founded in 2023 by entrepreneurs Will Cuthell & Laura Pearce (a Son & Mum team).

"We’ve always been obsessed with progression."

Chase the dream

From gaining a degree in Business, progressing to Senior Consultant in Recruitment, training in the gym, or starting various side hustles (car cleaning, personal training, drop shipping to name a few).

I decided to quit my career in 2023 to chase the dream I’ve always had of starting and scaling a business, and that’s when Crush was born. It came after a shared realisation between my Mum & I that manysupplement brands overlook a crucial aspect of people’s lives – the demands of work and study. We were determined to be the brand that fills this void.

The seed of this idea was planted in April, and just over 8 months later, Crush was ready to launch into the market.

The journey has been crazy so far, and not without its challenges. In August 2023 we faced another hurdle when Mum was diagnosed with a serious illness. It was a stark reminder of how important prioritising physical and mental strength is. I’m proud to say she’s been Crushing her recovery, and embodying the resilience that defines the brand.

I am a huge advocate for health, meditation, and mindfulness

It forms a huge part of my life, as well as gym training, yoga, and walking across the beautiful mountains in South Wales. I have been self-employed for the last decade, and throughout this time, I’ve held steadfast to the belief in nurturing a positive mindset and putting in unwavering effort towards career and personal growth.

Will & I developed the idea of Crush in April 2023 which we worked on together until August, at which point we had a shock diagnosis that revealed my breast cancer had returned from 2018, and was now Stage 4 cancer that had spread to multiple places. I have now taken a necessary step back from the business for the time being, and this period in my life is focused on health & recovery. Now, more than ever, I embody the Crush ethos, it’s a testament to doing whatever it takes to reach the destination you’ve set your sights on.

Things are only just getting started

We want to show the good, bad, and ugly of what it takes to bring a business to market, and we show this journey on our social media.