Crush x Snap Fitness

Powering Your Performance

Crush x Snap Fitness: Powering Your Performance

Four months in and Crush has some big news

We are teaming up with Snap Fitness 24/7. The entire Crush range is now stocked in the following Snap Fitness locations: Llanelli, Bridgend, Blackwood, and Cross Hands. It's a big step for us, pairing with a gym that shares the same values of working relentlessly hard, staying focused, and chasing progress.

Snap Fitness Members will also receive automatic discounts on the entire Crush range as a member only perk.

Why Snap Fitness? 

Simple. Snap Fitness offers 24/7 access to top-tier kit and a supportive environment for growth. With Crush's Infinity Pre-workout and Clarity Nootropic now stocked at their locations, it's about making real progress, any hour of the day.

Pop-up Stalls & Events

Across 2024, Crush & Snap will hold various pop-up stalls and sampling events to get involved with the community, and to give you the chance to try new products, meet the team, and feature on our social media.

This partnership is all about accessibility – getting Crush into your hands where you can push limits and set new goals. As we move forward, we're excited to see how our community leverages this to fuel theirworkouts and focus.

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